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Zieta Table Constructions

NOGI is a unique construction for tables. It can be produced in different shapes and sizes in different kinds of metals.

Koziol is a derivative of the Koza II trestle and is converting the trestle into a table frame for a small table to be used in smaller kitchens or as contract furniture for restaurants.

Kozka is a multitasking construction. Acording to different table tops, it could be used either as a coffee table or even as a part of unique bench.

Pure line of our trestle Koza is an effect of careful deformation of thin steel sheets by internal pressure.

Koza II is a modification of the Koza pair of trestles. The new developments make the trestles look more industrial due to its additional fittings at the side.

The slim and elegant table construction created as a result of research on FiDU possibilities. It is not only innovative table construction but it is the next letter in the FiDU alphabet.