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Zieta hangers

Multiplication of a simple shaped ‘H’ letter, designed as a bedroom hanger for dressing-gowns and towels. Awarded „MUST HAVE products” selection during the 2011 Lodz Design Festivals.

Coat hanger, available in different sizes, very carefully welded and inflated under high pressure to create unique bulges and waves. 

Heart that you can bake. Perfect as a gift. Flat packed and sealed, with a secret potion inside. 

DIY your own hangers at home. Baked at 200ºC the HOT PIN transforms from a flat object into a 3 dimensional bulbous shape.


Welded and inflated in a way that allows small concavities on the surface that bring life to simple dots. Can work as hangers or as decoration for walls.

Cuma combines Drab mirror with a Drab ladder. Functional object perfect for bedrooms, waitrooms, halls, anterooms and bathrooms.