ZIETA | 4DD Trophy
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4DD Trophy

Twelve 4DD trophies were given out at Property Design Awards ceremony, an event accompanying 4 Design Days at the International Conference Centre in Katowice.

A unique design from Zieta Design Studio was commenced especially to let Zieta Steelwerk apply FiDU and CNC technologies. It allowed to obtain high precision, diversified forms and light objects with using material to full scale. Twelve distinct forms carved out of a single, blown up, polished steel profile.

The concept of the trophies relates to distinctive landscape of Katowice. The form of each statuette is unique, diverse in shape and height. It reflects the urban Baukunst. Two awards were purposely flamed to add a noble, exceptional character.

The inspiration for engraved bases was drawn from shapes of present districts of Katowice. Put together they create a partial map of Katowice. It will grow with every following edition of the event. As a result, each trophy is a real precious trinket for awarded person.



  • Form: 12 trophies forming Katowice city map
  • Material: rusted black steel base / trophies made of flamed, stainless steel


  • Oskar Zięta


  • Project Management: Magda Gąsiorowska – Zieta Design Studio
  • Manufacture & Production: Zieta Steelwerk


  • Property Design. Grupa PTW