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Zieta seatings

Plopp stool is an icon and a bestseller of Zieta Prozessdesign. The unique, toy-looking and playful shape of Plopp is an effect of an innovative forming method – FIDU.

Unterdruck is a half public/half private design object that uses FiDU. Ultralight and durable bench can be easily reshaped according to the needs of the client.

The uniqe and already iconic Chippensteel chair has gone through generations of design from 2007. Chippensteel 0,5 was redesigned to be lighter weight and mass produced.

J-Chair, created at the spacial request for Museum Jerke located in Recklinghausen Win Germany – the only museum of Polish contemporary art outside of Polish borders, is a strong and iconic visual character with a light and durable construction.