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The table construction NOGI and table top by Holzano is the perfect combination of materials the human race has been using for thousands of years – STEEL AND WOOD. The table constructions have been designed in line with the idea of an Open Design which involves their openness for new applications, projects and use by creative people with new and interesting ideas.

When innovation meets ancient

Ancient Kauri is the oldest wood in the world while FiDU is the most innovative technology of flexible steel forming. Here the history meets the future. Despite the fact that our technology uses computer controlled manufacturing process, each product, thanks to the free steel deformation is unique as is the hand crafted Ancient Kauri tabletop. Both materials have another thing in common. Wood has a grain direction that affects its subsequent deformation whereas steel deformation depends highly on the direction of rolling.


The power of our table constructions is a simple customisation. As shown on the images, our table has a length of 191 cm but it could be also produced as a table construction for 3 or even 4 meter counter.